Monday, September 29, 2014

The past two Fridays I have been working on my passion project. The first Friday, I decided on the layout of my power point. I decided that I would have a title slide, an introductory slide, and then a number of slides following with the first in the set of two being a picture of the makeup that I did, and the second being a description of how. The pattern will repeat for however many different makeup looks I can achieve. Then I researched how to do three different "designs", a healing bruise, a stab wound, and human bite wounds. I used the following Friday to research where I could buy the makeup that I will need, because as of now I only have assorted colored powders. I made a list of the things I would need on my notes in my phone. I need to get spirit gum, nose and scar wax, liquid latex, and rigid collodion. I found that almost everything could be purchased at most Halloween stores, but I couldn't find the rigid collodion. I found a website I can order that online from. I think one of the obstacles I already briefly faced was finding materials, because it took a lot of research, and I had planned on ordering everything online because I couldn't find it anywhere. I think I'll go to the Spirit World over by Great Adventure and see what they have there. The materials I need are actually pretty common, aside from the rigid collodion. That's really all I have done so far. I think I've got a good base.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I don't believe it is possible to bring out our "empathic sociability". I truly believe that no matter how many people speak out on this topic and how hard people work towards it, we will never achieve it. Not all people are the same and not everybody will conform to the standard. We can't force people to be interested in other people's feelings, and not everybody is. I don't think we will ever extend our empathy to the entire human race. Even if we all are people, everybody thinks they are special and unique and different then everybody else. If we all think we are separate, we will never come together on a grand scale. However the most important issue to me in our current society is the criminal justice system. I don't believe in the death penalty first of all, and I also don't believe in the cruelty of punishments issued by law. A good deal of the people convicted are actually innocent, and then they must suffer through years in prison or another consequence that they do not deserve. Even if the person did commit the crime, I believe the punishments are extremely cruel. Most people cannot imagine being locked inside a cell and living the life of a prisoner, but I can understand it. I think it's absolutely horrid what they must go through, even if they have done something bad. People that become serial killers I can understand in jail, but I believe they should be going to a mental hospital of sorts. People are not soft wired to commit mass murder. There is likely something wrong with their brains, and they cannot be retrained in a cell. The way we treat other humans is despicable. Sure, people are allowed to think they are "bad people", but that doesn't mean that their lives should be demolished. Everybody makes mistakes, but some are more serious than others. In 1996, Damon Thibodeaux was convicted on suspected murder and rape of his 14 year old step-cousin, Crystal Champagne. He later confessed to the crime, providing incorrect details and un-matching accounts. He was sentenced to death row immediately. 15 years later, while Thibodeaux was still waiting to die, the police tested a sample of blood left on the barbed wire used to strangle Crystal. The DNA did not match Crystal's or Damon's. He became the 300th wrongly convicted person, and the 18th death-row inmate exonerated in the United States due to DNA evidence. Damon did not commit the crime, but he spent 15 years on death-row because of false accusation.
Damon Thibodeaux
Crystal Champagne