Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Racism in America Debrief

Obviously I care a lot about the criminal justice system, so I'm going to talk about two other subjects.

  • I think cultural appropriation is honestly a stupid topic. Of course I hate those people that get all these Indian tapestries just because they're cool, but at the same time, how is that offensive? The Indians should be proud that other people think it's cool, not offended by somebody's ignorance. That doesn't mean they should take these things off the market, because then other people who maybe know about the meaning can't buy it. None of it makes much sense.
  • Why should one person have the right to put a Buddha statue on their dresser, and when the other person does it, it's "offensive"? I think the whole issue is entirely pointless, and as much as some people might feel for it, it's irrelevant. Should I be offended if somebody living in China has an American flag shirt? It's the same concept in my mind.
  • My opinions on white privilege are odd. As much as I think that none of the white population pays any attention to it or questions it, there's probably people out there that take advantage of it. None of us asked for this. I absolutely loathe when I get into an argument with a coloured person, and they bring up white privilege, as if I am a huge part of it.
  • I didn't ask for any of these "advantages", and I didn't ask to be white. I don't think I take advantage of white privilege, and I can't stand when people say things like that. There's nothing I can do about it, so I accept it. White privilege honestly shouldn't exist anymore, and it's literally just the racism of other people.

Obviously I don't like both of these topics, not that they aren't controversial or important. I just think both are rather pointless. Then again, I find most things pointless, so it's not the first time. That's basically where I stand on these topics.

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